Two scanned #inktober sketches

I made this as an assignment for a hand lettering class I took last semester and just got it back recently. So I colored it in and spruced it up a bit.

Just put Shoreline up on my Cargo.

Instagram (@sophiecdraws) snapshots of a graphite / copic marker sketch I made during some downtime between classes the last couple of days.

Added Night Ride to my cargo today. Biking has become my primary way of transportation this summer and I can’t shut up about it so I made this and a few other paintings to get it out of my system. 

Feel That Sunshine On Your Shoulders by Sophie Cangelosi

Today I sat in my favorite coffee joint and drew the folks in line.

self portrait: two weeks before the end of the semester

Portrait 3/3 of Marie Antoinette

Portrait 2/3 of Marie Antoinette